Councillor Sam Smith successfully secures funding for local youth projects over the summer.

Three Peterborough artist's bought passion and talent to Ravensthorpe recently as they worked with local children to create an intergalactic garden.

Local residents requested more youth provision in the ward, so Conservative Councillor Sam Smith spoke to the Big Local Board to secure funding for a week of free workshops during the summer holidays.

Councillor Smith said “Children have worked so hard with the local artist's to create a moon shaped stage to host performances on and a range of other activities to create a space theme at the Community Garden.
To show off the children’s hard work, there was a community event on September 9th where the local community reached for the stars and showcased their talent at “WestRaven’s Got Talent!”

Councillor Smith said "The projects have been a huge success for Ravensthorpe. The highlight of it all was to hear a local child; inspired by the project, to say he wants to be a painter/decorator when he grows up. Raising aspirations and learning new skills is exactly what we had hoped for the kids."

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